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Motivation and protection
ABC pendants are intended for those who wish to connect with the All. One is protected and encouraged by the ABC pendant to increase one's inner wisdom. 
The pendant helps realise understanding, calmness, insight and peace and protects the aura of the spiritually awakened person.

Peaceful consciousness
The ABC pendant can guide the wearer at an accelerated pace to the Atmic-Buddhic state of being, where understanding is fully awakened and life is lived from a peaceful consciousness. Where one is liberated from limiting thoughts because one can flow with the divine will. 

Intuition trust
The oval pendant is available in two sizes. Which of the two is chosen depends on preference or inspiration. The energy between a large and a small pendant does not differ substantially.
Each person may intuitively choose what suits him/her best at the moment. Even when a pendant is chosen as a gift for someone else, you may trust that the Light World will guide intuition in such a way, that the right choice will be made.

Heart and head in balance
The heart pendant differs from the oval pendants in that the energy works even more strongly on the connection of the crown and/or higher crown chakra with the heart chakra.
When this connection is so fully integrated that the upper four chakras are completely fused with each other, love-wisdom is in perfect balance.
This is ultimately the aspiration of every advanced soul.
The heart pendant guides this process with the energy from the ultimate love-wisdom, and helps create the right conditions for this, for the positively motivated human being.

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