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All-power in connection with the earth


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"The great cleaners"
ABC power stones are a powerful tool for releasing lower emotions and letting them dissolve through strong grounding.  The natural energy flow that helps us experience the connection between the All and the earth is given more space; in this way, one learns to free oneself from the lower self. 
The power stones are, so to speak, the " great cleaners" of the aura. They can help to gain insight into and dissolve energetic blockades. 

Cleaning the aura
You can use power stones to quickly clean your aura when you have absorbed a lot of energies.
To do this, stand or sit upright, with both feet on the ground. Take a power stone in both hands, focus your attention on the crown and allow light to flow from there through the entire aura, and then through the feet into the earth. This light brightens the aura and removes lower emotions. This is also an excellent exercise to do before a meditation or a therapy session.
N.B. It is good to do this outside, because then the released energies do not remain in the room. 

Intuitive use
You can also carry power stones with you continuously, put them under the pillow, gently rub them on the affected area in case of acute pain or insect bites, use them for a healing or massage, or....
Power stones can very well be used intuitively. 

One or two
When asked whether it's better to use one or two power stones, the answer is that everyone can decide that for themselves. Feel free to try out how it feels to use one power stone or two power stones.

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