ABC helps to focus on non-duality, the Oneness.
 Thus, (unification with) "Our-Being" is encouraged.

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 Energy from top to toe
The strong vertically directed energy of the ABC pyramids helps both to ground, and to strengthen the connection to the Light World.
Pyramids can send energy, but also transform it. Through their Light Power, heavier energies are transformed into a higher vibration. 

Turning inwards and coming outwards

The pyramids create openness to turn inwards and unveil one's own core, the Devine spark. In this way, one learns to internalise. This involves relying less on one's lower ego, and more on the Light World. This awareness process is enhanced by integrating self-reflection into one's daily life. 
Thus, one reduces the lower self, and makes conscious progress on the path to spiritual mastery and beyond: one learns to overcome one's lower ego. 

 More aware of yourself
A pyramid in the home (or office, school, shop, practice room, etc.) has an activating effect on those who are present, to become/be more aware of themselves and their personal part in various 
processes. Thus, one comes to insights and is 
stimulated to develop one's consciousness positively.
The pyramids are available in two sizes: approx. 10 cm and approx. 14 cm.
If you want to hold a pyramid in your hand (e.g. during meditation or healing), it is best to try out which size feels most comfortable. 

Connection with the Light World

An upright pyramid helps to clarify and strengthen the one-pointed connection with the Light World. Thus, it creates an atmosphere to interact openly and honestly. 
During a meditation or healing, a pyramid in this position can be helpful in aligning with the Light World, protecting people from energies that distract them from being pure.
A pyramid also likes to work together with gemstones and minerals, as described with the ABC spheres. 

Grounding and balance
When the pyramid is placed with the point downwards (e.g. in the base of Diff-Creations) it provides a very strong grounding. One places the pyramid under a chair or massage table, for example. All excessive energies (released blockages and emotions) can quickly be removed or transformed this way, without lingering in the room. 
It is also possible to hold a pyramid upside down. 
In acute situations (e.g. with sudden very intense emotions), the pyramid can be used in this position to quickly get back into balance and not to lose yourself in the emotions, but to look at things from a more understanding and accepting perspective. 

Removing excessive energies
Placed on one of the side faces, the pyramid can also
remove excessive energies, although at a slower pace than when it is placed with its point downwards. 
A point of attention here is in which direction the tip of the pyramid is turned: this is the direction in which the excess energy is directed. To 
avoid bothering others with this, it is recommended to turn the point towards an outside wall if possible. 

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