Inspired and intuitive

With their powerful universal energy, the spheres invite you to follow pure inspiration and use them completely intuitively. 
The spheres are non-dualistic; there is no right or wrong, so their use is also free of norms and rules. 
The 6 different sizes offer many possibilities. For those who are still unsure about the size and application, we hereby share some practical experiences.
What may finally take place depends on the intention of the Spirit World. 

Meditative active

The ABC spheres help to calm the mind and strengthen contact with the Spirit World. They are therefore great to use in combination with all forms of healing and massage. The smaller sizes (4, 6 and 8 cm) are often used for this purpose.
Photo: 4 cm sphere in a spinning spiral, so it can be used hanging and rotating to set the kundalini energy in motion. It can also help reduce blockades and clarify the psyche.
Using the spinning spiral may cause scratches on the sphere. However, this does not impair its function.

Balance and harmony 


Placing an ABC sphere in the home or workplace (office, shop, school, practice room, etc.) creates a more pleasant environment, due to its higher vibration. 

They set up a powerful field of light through which negative/heavy energies are more easily transformed. The larger sizes (10, 12 or 15 cm) are often used for this purpose.

People often experience less stress and intense emotions, resulting in clearer thinking.  Pets (and farm animals) become calmer and plants grow better.
The larger sizes of spheres (10, 12 or 15 cm) are often used for this, with or without ABC pyramids and/or stands from Diff-Creations.

High vibration

The ABC spheres constantly radiate absolute purity, continuously providing their surroundings with the loving energy of the Spirit World. They lift people to a higher vibration, where one becomes more aware of one's own being. The spheres help people reach a higher level without judgement, spreading serenity and peace.
Thus, they also form a protective shield for those who wish to connect with the Light. 

Meditation/healing with ABC spheres is highly recommended. You can place spheres in the room (e.g. 10, 12 or 15 cm) to raise the vibration, and you can hold a sphere during meditation/healing (e.g. 6, 8 or 10 cm). It gives a stronger connection to the Spirit World, so meditations/healings are often experienced more deeply. 

In combination with gemstones and minerals
All ABC products easily connect with something or someone. In the presence of gemstones and minerals, the universal energy of the ABC products connects with the energy of stones, enhancing their effects. The ABC energy also ensures that the stone is energetically cleaned, and restored to its power (recharged). For this purpose, it is sufficient to put the stone (after use) and the ABC sphere or pyramid together.
The ABC products can be combined with all gemstones and minerals. For example, an ABC pendant, sphere or power stone can be used simultaneously with any stone, e.g. also during treatments.

Light Power

A higher vibration makes one more aware of balance and imbalance and helps the advanced person to consciously connect with the Light.
The larger a sphere is, the stronger is its Light Power. With the biggest sphere or pyramid you can put a whole house in light, with a small sphere that chance is much smaller.
One more thing:
Do not put an ABC sphere in direct sunlight. Because of the spherical shape, there is a burning point, and a fire can be caused when the sun shines!

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