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The combination of different ABC products for an optimal cooperation

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 Stronger through collaboration
The stands offer the possibility of combining the unique qualities of the different ABC instruments to enhance the energetic effect and bring the characteristics together. The stands provide room for multiple combinations, all creating a different energetic effect. 

 Vertical and all around

In the standard setting, the upper pyramid provides strong Light Power, the lower pyramid grounding excess (negative) energies, while the sphere in the middle powerfully sets the energy between the two pyramids in motion, so that in this way the room is continuously purifying. 
In the Mini and Compact stands, it is also possible to use somewhat smaller spheres (10 and 12 cm), which makes this cooperation easily perceptible in rooms that are not particularly large. This solution is also financially more favourable. 

Energetic power stations
The ABC stands are excellent for use as an assistant in group meditations, as a healing instrument in a therapy room or as energetic support for creating a good living environment. 
The Flex series has more space between the plates than the Compact series. This makes it possible for the energy to flow more freely, and for the ABC Light instruments to be taken out easily at any time. 

Clarify by grounding
A pyramid can be placed with its point downwards. This can be comfortable e.g. in a practice room, during meditation, courses or just at home (under a chair or bed); in short, anywhere a good grounding is preferred to let released energies flow away more easily.
By grounding heavier energies, the Light gets more space and clarifies the thinking and the feeling. 

Optimal connection
The hanging system is designed to suspend a pyramid, making it possible to sit or lie under it. This allows you to experience the Light Power of the pyramid even more powerfully, leaving your hands free to hold an ABC sphere or stone.
The combination with a pyramid in a base under the chair or bed ensures an optimal energy flow. 

Lotus of Life
With stands Lotus, an additional plate with the Lotus of Life symbol is set up in the middle between the ABC light instruments. This can be used to additionally energise small objects, products, food supplements, photos, etc. on the Lotus of Life.

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