Kosmosophy has existed for countless years.

As long as there was consciousness, there was also room for unlimited wisdom.  That wisdom can go together with love and love can go together with wisdom does not seem to be immediately clear to many people on their path. Many people are not yet able or willing to live from love combined with wisdom.
Eternal understanding is unknown to many people.

Fortunately, there are already many people who do see something in the combination of love and wisdom. These people are not disapproving of divine understanding, which on closer inspection far transcends human understanding.
In past centuries, there have always been wise people, who either came to silent understanding or were eliminated, by people who were unable to do anything with their vision.
Apparently, not much changes.

Most people do not understand the resistance in the human psyche to pure wisdom, because pure wisdom is too clear to them. The statement It is how it is does not appeal to many people.
However, it is how it is.

Many people believe not in that it is how it is, but in how they believe or think it should be. Scientists cannot believe it is how it is until that has been proven to them personally. Religious people believe in the Ten Commandments, for example, without seeing that they are adapted to the temporary consciousness of a group of not very civilised people, on their historical journey through the desert. Viewed from pure understanding, one looks with timeless understanding and sees that all this personal thinking, believing and opinion cannot be but temporary. 

If people have a free will, what is God's will?

God's will allows free will to be free, even if these free wills cannot be easily peaceful. Free will creates a lot of room for disagreements and struggles. Disagreements and conflicts seem to be unavoidable within the human race, but from pure understanding, they are only temporary excesses of the psyche with its free will.

What does KOSMOSOPHY want to bring about in today's society?

Just more understanding than just ordinary flat understanding, in which every earthly ego wants to be right. Kosmosophy wishes to point people, who are ready for it, to very high-level visions, which are still strange to many people.

Kosmosophy wishes to clarify human to clarify human visions.

Indeed, people are allowed to enlighten. The human psyche may clarify to such an extent that a person comes to see that rigid opinions or beliefs, no matter how rigid they are, have no eternal value. A human being may become so bright that he understands that many people are not ready for higher views and that every human being is nevertheless on the way to pure compassion and pure understanding.
Most of man does not want to know about that yet. 

One does not want to lose old visions. One does not want to lose one's nationalism and personal vision of right and wrong. One wants to defend or even expand one's country. One wants to be rich and happy and live in wellness.

People may want all this, but is this the purpose of life?

The true purpose of inner and conscious living, man does not find in his outer interests. Those who want to be truly wise will have to take the voice of their heart seriously rather than the voice of the external world. The outer world is conditioned and stuck in old habitual patterns.
One believes in the power of the ego.

People do not believe in the power of love wisdom, which will blossom in every human being in the process of evolution. As long as one believes more in his psyche than in pure understanding, the language of the heart, a person will have resistance towards wise people and divine understanding.
There will, so to speak, always be wars.

People do not easily capitulate to divine understanding. People always use good reasons to express their discontent and often sympathise with demonic forces, which on closer inspection are often very human.
People want money and power.

People may declare wars sacred or desirable. This is normal, but not only good and normal. Sometimes people really descend to a very low level in order to do what is certainly not high. People use apparently good reasons to do so. What is good?

Kosmosophy wants to make appearances transparent.

Thinking in good and bad is peculiar to many people. Those who understand people, understand that many people are far from being angels. Kosmosophy wants to guide people, who are ready to want to be light and understanding, to lead to higher-order visions than an egocentric one.
In short, Cosmosophy wants to connect people with the pure understanding of celestial beings. These beings exist and may be called true Buddhas from beyond or angels. What they are called does not matter, they exist.
That they exist is not clear to everyone.

Many an ego cannot believe in a concept that is still totally strange to him. Kosmosophy wants to show people the way, which leads to understanding the light beings. Kosmosophy wishes to connect masters, who are able to do so, with pure understanding. Kosmosophy goes too far for many people.

Those who want to be truly wise as human beings can study pure wisdom, those who don't want to do so tune into their free will. That is also allowed, from pure understanding one is extremely tolerant.
People are allowed to have wars. People are allowed to fight and compete, as long as they want to. Every ego has its right to exist on earth. People are allowed to be ego. Many people suffer because of this fact. Is all this suffering always necessary, or is there an open door, for those who want it?

Real wisdom has its right to exist.

Kosmosofie opent de deur naar Goddelijk begrip, voor wie dat nu al wil. Wie zich nu al wil verdiepen in echte wijsheid, is bij Kosmosofie aan het goede adres. Er zijn al vele boeken over het onderwerp Kosmosofie geschreven. Men kan zich wenden tot de uitgeverij Aqua Librium (www.aqua-librium.be), die zich al jaren voorbereidt op de 
interesse voor meer begrip, dan enkel aards begrip of men kan de site www.kosmosofie.com bezoeken.

U zult verrast zijn, om te zien hoeveel wijsheid er schuilgaat 
achter deze schijnbaar oninteressante sites.

Wie in de schijn wil leven hoeft ze uiteraard niet te bezoeken. Wie de schijn wil leren doorzien, zal ontdekken dat lichtwezens de schijn tijdloos kunnen doorzien en zelf gaan begrijpen wat de schijn doorzien impliceert.

Laat u verrassen.